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Void Settler

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Void Settler

Void Settler has been played on NTS in shows including NATO W/ PLESK PARALLEL, featured first on 22 September 2016. Songs played include Gnomes Tinker With Time.

Void Settler/Labyrinth (Djarvi Moris) has a broad range of styles when it comes to producing. His first release on The Third Movement showed us both the harsh abstract/IDM hardcore side from his Void Settler project, whereas the Labyrinth side showed us a more ambient-like setting combined with (even more) irregular patterns and breaks. Nowadays, he is busy giving his raw edge a touch of his fantasy/story themed influenced as already can be heard on tracks like "Gnomes Tinker…

Gnomes Tinker With Time
Void Settler
The Third Movement2004
Gnomes Tinker With Time
Void SettlerThe Third Movement2004