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Hukwe Zawose

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Hukwe Zawose

Hukwe Zawose has been played on NTS in shows including Adam Oko, featured first on 30 September 2016. Songs played include Safari Na Muziki.

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"Hukwe Zawose has been a success with his virtuoso thumb piano playing and his mighty voice that stretches over 5 octaves, from deep bass to falsetto. He can roar like a lion one minute and trill like a bird the next. He is working on a variety of compendium albums of African folk music and has released two solos album via Realworld. Today, Hukwe Zawose stands out as one of Africa's most important traditional musicians. Hukwe Zawose died December…

Safari Na Muziki
Hukwe Zawose
Real World Records, Virgin1996
Safari Na Muziki
Hukwe ZawoseReal World Records, Virgin1996