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Paul Flaherty

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Paul Flaherty

Paul Flaherty has been played on NTS in shows including The Low Bias Show , featured first on 3 October 2016. Songs played include Carte Blanche.

Alto and tenor saxophonist Paul Flaherty is New England's purveyor of the ecstatic jazz pulse. Even before his 1978 debut Flaherty remained unshakable in the pursuit of soul healing and demon dashing through freedom music. That first record, In the Midst of Chaos was cut with his local clan, under the banner Orange. For the next 20 years Flaherty remained exclusively in the great North East and recording over a dozen blasting, freely improvised albums with drummer Randall Colbourne,…

Carte Blanche
Wally Shoup, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty
Carte Blanche
Wally Shoup, Chris Corsano, Paul FlahertyRecords2007