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Keenan Lawler

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Keenan Lawler

Keenan Lawler has been played on NTS shows including The Low Bias Show , with Untitled first played on 3 October 2016.

R Keenan Lawler is a Louisville Kentucky based musician,sound artist, improviser and composer.For nearly thirty years he has been a restless explorer of sound from rock to electro- acoustic improvisation and many points in between. Since the late nineties he is best known for developing a highly idiosyncratic difficult to categorize language on the metal bodied resonator guitar fueled by minimalism,blues,asian and african musics,ancient and modern classical, psychedelia and jazz.

Lawler is known for solo performances and recordings and also as a…

Pelt, Keenan Lawler, Eric Clark
Eclipse Records2001
Pelt, Keenan Lawler, Eric ClarkEclipse Records2001