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Charbel Haber

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Charbel Haber

Charbel Haber has been played on NTS shows including Awkward Movements, with Last Evenings on Earth first played on 15 October 2016.

Born in Beirut on June 1, 1978 of Lebanese nationality. Musician and composer. Co-founder and member of Lebanese post-punk group Scrambled Eggs since 1998. Founder of experimental music record label Those Kids Must Choke in 2004. Active member of the Lebanese free improvisation scene and part of MILL(Musique Improvisee Libre au Liban) association since 2002 Member and co-founder of free improvisation group BAO trio, and the XEFM collective. Member of the Lebanese free improvisation big ensemble, Moukhtabar Ensemble and performance and free improvisation collective, Grendizer Trio. Also works under the…

Last Evenings on Earth
Charbel Haber
Last Evenings on Earth
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