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Principality Of Hell

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Principality Of Hell

Principality Of Hell has been played on NTS shows including Radio Fenriz, with In The Shadows Of Sodom first played on 24 October 2016.

PRINCIPALITY OF HELL was born out of the subconscious depths of Greek black metal mastermind , The Magus (NECROMANTIA, THOU ART LORD etc) in 2013. Fellow conspirators EL (SOULSKINNER, THOU ART LORD) and MAELSTORM ( RAVENCULT, THOU ART LORD etc) completed the Unholy Trinity. This band has one and only aim: to revive the old Black / Thrash spirit of the early/mid eighties of the mighty VENOM, BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, SODOM, VOIVOD etc. Expect no more or no less: PURE…

In The Shadows Of Sodom
Principality Of Hell
Osmose Productions2016
In The Shadows Of Sodom
Principality Of HellOsmose Productions2016