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Naïm Amor

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Naïm Amor

Naïm Amor has been played on NTS in shows including Andrew Weatherall Presents: Music's Not For Everyone, featured first on 27 October 2016. Songs played include Black Boot Shuffle.

Naïm Amor (best known as Naim Amor), is a Frenchman among the saguaros of Tucson, Ariz. Since moving there with his wife Marianne Dissard in 1997, Amor has had a hand in numerous projects, including the Amor Belhom Duo and a collaboration with Giant Sand, as well as several instrumental and vocal albums as a solo artist.

Amor enlisted the producing skills of Calexico's Joey Burns for his 2007 album "Sanguine", a mature, French odd pop album…

Black Boot Shuffle
Naïm Amor, John Convertino
LM Dupli-Cation2016
Black Boot Shuffle
Naïm Amor, John ConvertinoLM Dupli-Cation2016