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The New Bangs

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The New Bangs

The New Bangs has been played on NTS shows including God's Waiting Room w/ David Holmes, with Go-Go Kitty first played on 25 November 2016.

The New Bangs from Dayton, Ohio, were in reality, two groups - one that layed down the crazy "Go Go Kitty" and the other that recorded a second 45, both in 1966. The first New Bangs were a studio combination that included members of the Dawks (all guys) and the Bangs (all girls) - so the monicker of New Bangs. The A side of the 1st Bangs 45, "Get Back in Your Tree" was written by Charlie Gore, who we…

Go-Go Kitty
The New Bangs
Prism Records1966
Go-Go Kitty
The New BangsPrism Records1966