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Slow Learner

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Slow Learner

Slow Learner has been played on NTS in shows including Mosca, featured first on 27 May 2015. Songs played include The Skin Horse.

Slow Learner is a Brooklyn, NY based experimental indie-rock band formed in 2001 by singer/songwriter Michael Napolitano.

Their debut full length record 'In There Time They Are Magnificent' was written, performed, recorded and produced by Michael Napolitano. Michael performs, guitars, drums, piano, bass, organ, pump organ, accordion, melodica, harmonica and percussion on the recordings. There is a collection of fine artists who inspire, collaborate and often perform with Slow Learner. Some of these artists include Justin Mikulka of One Mad Son Music,…

The Skin Horse
Slow Learner
Fina Records2015
The Skin Horse
Slow LearnerFina Records2015