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Звуки Му

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Звуки Му

Звуки Му was first played on NTS on 5 December 2016. Songs played include Leave Me Alone.

Russian rock band Zvuki Mu was founded in Moscow in the early 1980's. Its lead singer and songwriter Пётр Мамонов (Pyotr Mamonov) is one of the most creative, revered and eccentric figures of the Russian art scene, whose absurdist lyrics are as playful and disturbing as his vocal style and explosive on-stage presence. The band's sound combined starkly simple yet textured melodies with synthesizer sounds, quite unlike anything else heard in Russian rock at the time. One of Zvuki Mu's albums - the self-titled 1989 LP - was…

Leave Me Alone
Zvuki Mu
Opal Records, Warner Bros. Records1989
Leave Me Alone
Zvuki MuOpal Records, Warner Bros. Records1989