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Witching Waves

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Witching Waves

Witching Waves has been played on NTS shows including DIY Space For London, with The Threat first played on 14 December 2016.

Witching Waves have been an ever-present force in London’s DIY scene since 2013. Founded by Emma Wigham (drums/lead vocals) and Mark Jasper (guitar/vocals), the band are known for their frenetic live shows, relentless tour schedule, and their distinctive nouveau post-punk sound. Persistence is their third album, the first on Specialist Subject Records after their two previous ones were released by the brilliant however now sadly defunct Soft Power Records. The band have also had to endure a frustrating number of line-up changes but…

The Threat
Witching Waves
Soft Power Records2016
The Threat
Witching WavesSoft Power Records2016