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Hakimonu has been played on NTS in shows including Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red, featured first on 21 October 2014. Songs played include Insular Realms (Inland Remix).

Real name / Asaf Ezra

Humble Israeli producer Hakimonu has a talent for gracing our ears with a very special blend of refined electronica. At the lazy end of the tempo scale reclines Israel's Hakimonu on a sunlounger, cocktail in hand. Those of you with database trigger fingers will point out that none of Hakimonu's half dozen releases have so far been tagged as "progressive house" on Beatport, but that is more a factor of the shifting bubble of perception…

Insular Realms (Inland Remix)
Hakimonu (Inland mix)
Black Crow Records2014
Insular Realms (Inland Remix)
Hakimonu (Inland mix)Black Crow Records2014