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Damien Thorne

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Damien Thorne

Damien Thorne has been played on NTS in shows including A Fist in the Face of God presents: Midnite Madness, featured first on 16 November 2016. Songs played include Fear Of The Dark.

Founded in 1983, Damien Thorne consistently packed venues, and astonished crowds with their powerful and aggressive style of Heavy Metal. After two hard years of proving themselves to be among the elite on the Chicago club scene, the band landed a recording contract with CobraA&M/RoadRunner Records. Following the release of their debut album: (The Sign of the Jackal) in 1986, the band set out on a successful tour playing with bands such as…

Fear Of The Dark
Damien Thorne
Roadrunner Records1986
Fear Of The Dark
Damien ThorneRoadrunner Records1986