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The Defenders

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The Defenders

The Defenders has been played on NTS shows including Martyn's Darkest Light, with Love Thy Neighbours first played on 11 January 2017.

There are at least 4 artists called The Defenders:

An early 80s punk band from Los Angeles who only recorded some garage tracks and a studio demo. Their song "Animal Eyes" (covered by Clorox Girls) was released as a 7" single (b-side w/ "Time to Say Goodbye") by Long Beach label 17 Television some 30 years later and an LP/CD of unreleased songs is said to be in the works.

A roots reggae group

Pigtrådsgruppe dannet på Østerbro i København…

Love Thy Neighbours
Vivan Jackson, The Deffenders
Love Thy Neighbours
Vivan Jackson, The DeffendersDefenders1974