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The Hawaiian Pups

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The Hawaiian Pups

The Hawaiian Pups has been played on NTS shows including My Ever Changing Moods w/ DJ Lance Rock, with Baby Judy first played on 14 January 2017.

The Hawaiian Pups were a rare, not widely known about New Wave/ Electronic group from the 1980's which formed in the New York Metropolitan Area. The group is currently working on a new album. However, there is no known date as to when it will be released.

Portrait Records signed The Hawaiian Pups and released: Split Second Precision (LP) 12" EP, and it first came out in 1983.

Known Tracks:

"Infinite Roads" "Spook Opera" "Young Boys" "Baby Judy" "Trash".

Baby Judy
The Hawaiian Pups
Baby Judy
The Hawaiian PupsPortrait1983