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The Groupies

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The Groupies

The Groupies was first played on NTS on 14 January 2017. Songs played include Keep All The Vectors Intact.

There are two bands called The Groupies:

The Groupies were a psychedelic rock group from the Lower East Side of New York City. They are probably best known for the song "Primitive", which was not a hit in its time but was rediscovered as part of The Nuggets compilation. This song features a Mick Jagger like vocal along with a driving blues beat similar to Howling Wolf's song "Smokestack Lightning."

The Groupies are polish band from Pińczów (near Kielce), formed summer 2007. Strongly connected with City…

Keep All The Vectors Intact
The Groupies
Keep All The Vectors Intact
The GroupiesBaltermore2016