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The Inversions

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The Inversions

The Inversions has been played on NTS shows including Jamie Isaac, with I Can Be Cool first played on 19 December 2016.

Mixing together an influence of timeless pop music (The Beatles, The Shins), barn- burning rock (The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes) and the experimental (Primus, Pink Floyd) would be a challenge for most bands. Sacramento’s latest pop-rock export the inversions, however, tie it all together seamlessly with energy and passion described as “winning,” and a sound “that fans and labels lust after (Sacramento News & Review).”

The roots of the inversions began when Ryan Offield (bass, vocals) moved to Will Comstock’s (guitar, vocals) hometown and the pair began playing together…

I Can Be Cool
Bob & Gene, The Inversions
Daptone Records2016
I Can Be Cool
Bob & Gene, The InversionsDaptone Records2016