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Madame Edwarda

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Madame Edwarda

Madame Edwarda has been played on NTS in shows including Athenian Marketplace , featured first on 20 January 2017. Songs played include Trench Coat.

Madame Edwarda was a post-punk / goth band from Japan, formed in 1980 and fronted by vocalist Zin-François Angélique. Highly influenced by the british early goth scene. They disbanded in 1985 but reformed in the recent years mostly to perform as resident act of Club Walpurgis, a goth club located in Tokyo, founded and held by Zin himself since mid 80's, it could be regarded as the Japanese Batcave. The band's name comes from Georges Bataille's book "Madame Edwarda", published in 1941.

Discography: 1984…

Trench Coat
Madame Edwarda
City Rocker Records1984
Trench Coat
Madame EdwardaCity Rocker Records1984