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Dag Rosenqvist

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Dag Rosenqvist

Dag Rosenqvist was first played on NTS on 20 January 2017. Songs played include In My Muscles.

Swedish sound artist Dag Rosenqvist has released 30 albums, EP's and cassette tapes in a vast array of different constellations dating back to his debut in 2005. The main constellation being the solo project Jasper TX that was put to rest in early 2012. Other constellations include contemporary classical duo From The Mouth of The Sun (with American multi-instrumentalist Aaron Martin), pop/rock outfit de la Mancha (alongside childhood friend Jerker Lund) and the lo-fi/noise project The Silence Set (with Swedish based drone/noise musician Johan Gustavsson). Over the years…

In My Muscles
Dag Rosenqvist, Matthew Collings
Denovali Records2017
In My Muscles
Dag Rosenqvist, Matthew CollingsDenovali Records2017