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The Cherokees

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The Cherokees

The Cherokees has been played on NTS in shows including Diddy Wah, featured first on 24 January 2017. Songs played include Dig A Little Deeper.

There have been more than one group that recorded as The Cherokees.

The Cherokees were one of the alter egos of The Champs, known for their 1958 hit Tequila.

Named after a popular ice cream of the time, the Cherokees were formed in 1961 from the remnants of Johnny Chester's backing band the Chessmen and began playing Shadows-styled music around Melbourne, Australia.

Signing with W&G Records, the Cherokees released two singles and the rare Here Come the Cherokees album in…

Dig A Little Deeper
The Cherokees
Dig A Little Deeper
The CherokeesColumbia1965