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Shop Boyz

Shop Boyz has been played on NTS in shows including Public Access w/ P Morris, featured first on 27 January 2017. Songs played include Party Like A Rockstar.

The Shop Boyz are an Atlanta-based rap group. They are most notable for their single title "Party Like a Rockstar" off their debut album Rockstar Mentality.

The group consists of members Demetrius "Meany" Hardin, Richard Stevens and Rasheed "Sheed" Hightower.[1] on June 19, 2007. The lead single, "Party Like a Rockstar" charted on the Billboard rap charts as well as the Hot 100 (peaking at #2 on the Charts),and has become a statement of sorts within the hip-hop…

Party Like A Rockstar
Shop Boyz
Universal Republic Records2007
Party Like A Rockstar
Shop BoyzUniversal Republic Records2007