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Don McLean

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Don McLean

Don McLean has been played on NTS shows including Country Hayride, with Bronco Bill's Lament first played on 29 January 2017.

Donald McLean III (born October 2, 1945) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his 1971 hit song "American Pie", an 8.5-minute folk rock "cultural touchstone" about the loss of innocence of the early rock and roll generation (US #1 for four weeks in 1972 and UK #2).

McLean's grandfather and father, both also named Donald McLean, had roots originating in Scotland. The Buccis, the family of McLean's mother, Elizabeth, came from Abruzzo in central Italy. They left Italy and settled in Port Chester, New…

Bronco Bill's Lament
Don McLean
United Artists Records1972
Bronco Bill's Lament
Don McLeanUnited Artists Records1972