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Ne Zhdali

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Ne Zhdali

Ne Zhdali has been played on NTS shows including Sanpo Disco, with Ще-е-е (She-ye-ye) first played on 4 December 2016.

Ne Zhdali, or Unexpected, is the title of Ilya Repin's classic last 19th century painting of a bearded political prisoner unexpectedly coming home to his family. Ne Zhdali is also the name of the best-known Russian-Estonian rock group. Formed in 1987 as the "home band" at the Russian Drama Theater in Tallinn, the group played at perestroika-era rock Festivals all over the former Soviet Union and created a strong cult following, thanks to highly unusual musical textures and a bizarre stage act.

With the collapse…

Ще-е-е (She-ye-ye)
Не Ждали
Ще-е-е (She-ye-ye)
Не ЖдалиЭРИО1991