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Hayvanlar Alemi

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Hayvanlar Alemi

Hayvanlar Alemi has been played on NTS shows including Mosca, with Guarana Superpower first played on 1 February 2017.

Short Biography

Hayvanlar Alemi is an instrumental psychedelic folk rock band founded in Ankara in 1999. Throughout the years, the band has developed a style of its own, inspired by the innovative musical heritage of Turkey but also informed by the traditional and popular styles of the globe, blending together scales and rhythms of Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America with surf, dub, stoner rock and free improvisation. The ensemble’s music has been released under labels such as Sublime Frequencies (USA), Unrock (Germany) and Glitterbeat (Germany),…

Guarana Superpower
Hayvanlar Alemi
Sublime Frequencies2010
Guarana Superpower
Hayvanlar AlemiSublime Frequencies2010