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The Next

The Next has been played on NTS in shows including Manila Times w/ Vex Ruffin & Possiblemusic, featured first on 4 February 2017. Songs played include Iwasan Mo.

The Next: A late 70s punk band from Texas. They had two tracks on the seminal Austin compilation "Live at Raul's."

the next. Genre: Rock. From Providence, Rhode Island (founded in 2003). Songs: God of Filth / SLS / In the Frameroom / Complications. All songs are jams and recorded live to track. Open Source Records 2006. Web: -

The NEXT (Sydney, Australia) Genre: Rock. In a world where prefab,trend driven…

Iwasan Mo
The Next
Rare Music Distributor1992
Iwasan Mo
The NextRare Music Distributor1992