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The Harptones

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The Harptones

The Harptones has been played on NTS in shows including Death Is Not The End, featured first on 11 February 2017. Songs played include Life Is But A Dream.

The Harptones was an American doo-wop group.

The group never had a top forty pop hit, or even a record on the national R&B charts, yet they are still considered one of the most influential doo-wop groups, both for their lead singer, Willie Winfield and their pianist/arranger, Raoul Cita. The Harptones may have been the first doo-wop group to number a full-time arranger among their members, and Cita knew how to work to Winfield's strengths. Their best-known…

Life Is But A Dream
The Harptones
Paradise Records1954
Life Is But A Dream
The HarptonesParadise Records1954