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Up Front

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Up Front

Up Front has been played on NTS in shows including Ruf Dug, featured first on 14 February 2017. Songs played include Infatuation (Dub Version).

Up Front was an American hardcore band from New York, United States. They were an influential part of the late 1980s New York hardcore and Connecticut Straight Edge scenes. They played many of their early shows at the now famous Anthrax Club in Norwalk, Connecticut. In 1987 they appeared on the X Marks The Spot compilation 7-inch, one of the first documents of the burgeoning Connecticut Straight Edge scene.

In 1988, they released their Spirit LP, and a summer tour followed…

Infatuation (Dub Version)
Up Front
Silver Cloud Records, United Performers1983
Infatuation (Dub Version)
Up FrontSilver Cloud Records, United Performers1983