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Haruo Okada

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Haruo Okada

Haruo Okada has been played on NTS in shows including Cong Burn, featured first on 12 February 2017. Songs played include Genkai 18 + 20–21.

Haruo Okada (b. 1953) is a sound designer, working at Pioneer Corporation Audio Company. He has many experiences in studios as a recording engineer and since the 1970’s he has recorded sounds for various genre of music, commercials and music production for TV shows and events. In 1990, he started to create sound sources for research and product’s contents. In 1997, he launched the “Creation Project” in which he took part in product planning and proposed some products such as…

Genkai 18 + 20–21
Haruo Okada, Fabio Perletta
Genkai 18 + 20–21
Haruo Okada, Fabio PerlettaLine2016