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Bestial Raids

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Bestial Raids

Bestial Raids has been played on NTS in shows including Radio Fenriz, featured first on 15 February 2017. Songs played include Angel Of The Abyss.

C. Frost, Sadist, and Necron created the unholy trinity that is Bestial Raids. Formed in Kielce, Poland in 2003. After a few months of rehearsals Necron completes the line up. The entire squadron recorded their first demo “Necrowar Holocaust”.Through next months band writing, new material and playing local live-shows. In July the band decided to record their second demo:“Order Of Doom”.

After a few months of morbid rehearsals and live-shows two obscure tapes were spawned and unleashed: a…

Angel Of The Abyss
Bestial Raids
Nuclear War Now! Productions2016
Angel Of The Abyss
Bestial RaidsNuclear War Now! Productions2016