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Baby Dodds

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Baby Dodds

Baby Dodds has been played on NTS shows including My Ever Changing Moods w/ DJ Lance Rock, with Spooky Drums No.1 first played on 18 February 2017.

Warren "Baby" Dodds (December 24, 1898–February 14, 1959) was a jazz drummer born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

"Baby" Dodds was the younger brother of clarinetist Johnny Dodds. He is regarded as one of the very best jazz drummers of the pre-Big band era, and one of the most important early jazz drummers. Dodds was among the first drummers to improvise while performing: varying his drum patterns with accents and flourishes.

Dodds gained reputation as a top young drummer in New…

Spooky Drums No.1
Baby Dodds
Folkways Records1951
Spooky Drums No.1
Baby DoddsFolkways Records1951