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Burning Hearts

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Burning Hearts

Burning Hearts has been played on NTS shows including Cry Later w/ Tropic of Cancer, with Into The Wilderness first played on 18 February 2017.

Le Futur Pompiste, which released one marvelous album in 2004, Your Stories and Your Thoughts, before the vagaries of adult life scattered them far and wide; and Cats on Fire, whose debut long-player, 2007's The Province Complains, captivated all who were lucky enough to hear it (among them the writers at superlative U.K. magazine The Word). It was inevitable that this pair of bands, whose music shares a poise and sophistication rarely heard anywhere, never mind within the modest environs…

Into The Wilderness
Burning Hearts
Solina Records2012
Into The Wilderness
Burning HeartsSolina Records2012