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Hollow Point

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Hollow Point

Hollow Point has been played on NTS shows including Felix Hall, with Me Nah Fraid first played on 22 June 2021.

1) Hollow Point are an emerging djent/modern metalcore band from Boston, MA. They released their first full length, Poltergeist, in 2015 to little fanfare but quickly drew favorable comparisons to contemporaries such as Heart as a Coward and similar forward-thinking metal acts worldwide. Their sharp interplay and polished sound has seen them make waves locally and internationally and 2017's Bloodshot EP sees them finding confidence in recreating the bludgeoning sound of their illustrious peers. You don't have to recreate the wheel in order to…

Me Nah Fraid
Hollow Point
Jamdown UK2007
Me Nah Fraid
Hollow PointJamdown UK2007