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Fleur De Lis

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Fleur De Lis

Fleur De Lis has been played on NTS in shows including Acid Memories w/ Astral Vibes, featured first on 22 February 2017. Songs played include Gensyn III.

Fleur De Lis is the name of two bands, one Danish prog-rock band from the 1970s and one Norwegian post-rock band which is active now. The latter started in 2008 and has released one EP "Hvid" in 2011 and a single "Blaa" in 2013. They featured a viral video from NRK in 2013. The autumn of 2015, the album "In the midst of chaos there is stillness" was released and are available on vinyl and digitally. Updates and…

Gensyn III
Fleur De Lis
Amber Soundroom2004
Gensyn III
Fleur De LisAmber Soundroom2004