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Milky Wimpshake

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Milky Wimpshake

Milky Wimpshake has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with Dialling Tone first played on 1 March 2017.

Referred to by some as Punk Folk and Twee Skiffle, they're considered witty, satirical, and both irritating and utterly enjoyable, Newcastle Upon Tyne based Milky Wimpshake have released numerous singles and compilation tracks on assorted indie labels since forming in 1993. The indefatigable and slowly ascending UK based act have sporadically put out three full albums, beginning with 1998’s “Bus Route To Your Heart” released on singer Pete Dale’s own legendary Slampt label, 2001’s “Lovers, Not Fighters”, was recorded at First Avenue studio, in…

Dialling Tone
Milky Wimpshake
Youth Club Tape Club, Troubleman Unlimited2002
Dialling Tone
Milky WimpshakeYouth Club Tape Club, Troubleman Unlimited2002