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Enter Obscurity

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Enter Obscurity

Enter Obscurity has been played on NTS in shows including A Fist in the Face of God presents: Midnite Madness, featured first on 24 January 2015. Songs played include Bombs Away.

Enter Obscurity is a Black Thrash/Speed Metal band from Norway. It was founded by drummer Joe FuckFucker in early 2013 under the name Sulphur Void. The original lineup consisted of FuckFucker on drums, Payman Enayati on bass and vocals, and Aczinor Vox.

The current lineup consists of Joe FuckFucker on drums, Neron Czar on bass and vocals and Gale-Mattis on guitar. Other members have included guitarist Robin Hansen and singer St. Peter.

Bombs Away
Enter Obscurity
Neseblod Records2015
Bombs Away
Enter ObscurityNeseblod Records2015