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Cool Jerks

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Cool Jerks

Cool Jerks was first played on NTS on 26 February 2017. Songs played include Burning Effigy.

Cool Jerks (gotta love that name) are three cool cats from Bremen Germany, and should not be confused in any way, shape, or form with these dorky Cool Jerks from Silicon Valley or these Garage Rockin' Cool Jerks from Memphis. The Bremen Cool Jerks are immersed in the whole retro '60s Beat-Rock / Garage Rock / Mod scene. It defines their sound, as well as their image. These guys play "totally insane German Beatpunk", or for those unfamiliar with that sound, try to imagine a mix of early '60s…

Burning Effigy
Cool Jerks
Tapetalks Records2016
Burning Effigy
Cool JerksTapetalks Records2016