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Peter Mergener

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Peter Mergener

Peter Mergener has been played on NTS in shows including Sounds Of The Dawn, featured first on 4 March 2017. Songs played include Harmony With Nature.

Peter Mergener (* 28 Nov, 1951 in Birkenfeld, Middle) is electronic music artist. Long time he worked with Michael Weisser, together with a total of 14 albums he released, initially under the name Mergener & Weisser, then under the name of Software.

Peter Mergener is one of the artists you might like to refer to if you want to prove that the music business is unfair. His first formation Software was musically equally groundbreaking as German compatriots Tangerine Dream and…

Harmony With Nature
Peter Mergener (Peter Mergener mix)
Harmony With Nature
Peter Mergener (Peter Mergener mix)Prudence2014