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Blue Train

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Blue Train

Blue Train was first played on NTS on 4 March 2017. Songs played include Get Movin' (MAW Beats).

BLUE TRAIN, the 4 piece rock quartet from Nottingham, England, made a significant impression on the US charts in the summer of 1991 when their debut single ‘ALL I NEED IS YOU’ was released. The single received over 70,000 radio plays that summer, spending 13 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming a US Top 40 hit before losing steam. The album from which the single was taken, ‘THE BUSINESS OF DREAMS’ was acclaimed as great collection of modern rock songs. Sadly, success was short…
Get Movin' (MAW Beats)
Blue Train (MAW mix)
MAW Records1997
Get Movin' (MAW Beats)
Blue Train (MAW mix)MAW Records1997