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Shirley Ross

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Shirley Ross

Shirley Ross has been played on NTS shows including Slime w/ Belltowers & Little, with If You Leave Me Now (Vocal) first played on 9 February 2015.

Shirley Ross (January 7, 1913 ― March 9, 1975) was an American actress and singer.

The first of two daughters born to Charles Burr Gaunt and Maude C. Gaunt (née Ellis) during the century's second decade, Ross was born Bernice Maude Gaunt in Omaha, Nebraska, where she would reside until age 5, when her family moved to York. The following decade, the Gaunts relocated to California, due, at least in part, to Maude Gaunt's grand ambitions for Bernice, her…

If You Leave Me Now (Vocal)
Shirley Ross
Tanga Label1983
If You Leave Me Now (Vocal)
Shirley RossTanga Label1983