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Mitchell Akiyama

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Mitchell Akiyama

Mitchell Akiyama has been played on NTS shows including Nosedrip, with With Rift first played on 6 March 2017.

Toronto born, Montreal based Mitchell Akiyama in a few short years has carved a niche for himself as one of Canada’s premier avant-garde electronic musicians. Originally trained in classical music and jazz on piano and guitar, Akiyama began composing electronic music five years ago.

He has since come to incorporate traditional instruments and real world sound sources in his compositions, fusing the organic and digital. the results can be beautiful and lush, jarring and abrasive, but are, above all, always moving. ‘Hope that lines don’t cross’…

With Rift
Mitchell Akiyama
Kikimora Tapes2016
With Rift
Mitchell AkiyamaKikimora Tapes2016