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Metallic Falcons

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Metallic Falcons

Metallic Falcons has been played on NTS in shows including Smirnoff Presents International Women's Day, featured first on 8 March 2017. Songs played include Desert Cathedral.

Metallic Falcons are Sierra Casady and Matteah Baim. Sierra Casady is probably best known for her participation in CocoRosie.

They have produced one album, Desert Doughnuts. Their music draws influences from folk, experimental, psychedelic, Ethereal, rock and downright alternative music.

According to an interview on splendid, their music has been generally described music as 'baby metal', in contrast to heavy metal.

Desert Cathedral
Metallic Falcons
Voodoo Eros2006
Desert Cathedral
Metallic FalconsVoodoo Eros2006