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Kirsty Almeida

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Kirsty Almeida

Kirsty Almeida has been played on NTS shows including Chris P Cuts, with Pickled Spider first played on 15 March 2017.

Musical dresses, circular doors, chirping toy birds, sonic hallucinations: in Kirsty Almeida we’ve the return, at last, of the enigmatic true eccentric. Her music (like her life) is magical, the kind of radiant soul-revue sophistication that’s been gone so long it suddenly feels brand new; crystalline vocals untouched by meddling sheen, live instrumentation tinkling across your synapses, the glowing warmth of classic song-writing pulsing like amber jewels. Her debut album, ‘Pure Blue Green”’ is a timeless spectrum of soul, folk, blues and sumptuously intricate…

Pickled Spider
Mr. Scruff, Kirsty Almeida
Ninja Tune2010
Pickled Spider
Mr. Scruff, Kirsty AlmeidaNinja Tune2010