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The Dream Academy

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The Dream Academy

The Dream Academy has been played on NTS in shows including My Ever Changing Moods w/ DJ Lance Rock, featured first on 17 March 2017. Songs played include Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometime.

The Dream Academy were a 1980s British folk rock band, comprising singer/guitarist Nick Laird-Clowes, multi-instrumentalist (chiefly oboeist) Kate St John and keyboardist Gilbert Gabriel. They are most noted for their hit single, Life in a Northern Town.

All three members of the band remain active recording musicians, each with their own careers. They are said to have reunited on a forthcoming album, "Angels and Fools", by Gilbert's new band, The Excellent Staircase (formally The…

Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometime
The Dream Academy
Reprise Records1987
Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometime
The Dream AcademyReprise Records1987