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Georges Garvarentz

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Georges Garvarentz

Georges Garvarentz has been played on NTS in shows including Donna Leake, featured first on 22 March 2017. Songs played include Haschisch Party.

Georges Garvarentz (1 April 1932 - 19 March 1993) was an Armenian-French composer, noted for his music for Charles Aznavour's songs.

Georges Garvarents was born in Athens, Greece, to a family of Armenian immigrants. His father, literature professor and poet Kevork Garvarentz, was the author of the Armenian military anthem.

In 1942 Garvarentz's family moved to Paris, France, where Georges attended Conservatoire de Paris.

In 1956 Georges met Charles Aznavour and started writing music for his songs. Together they wrote over 100 songs,…

Haschisch Party
Georges Garvarentz
Haschisch Party
Georges GarvarentzPathé1971