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John White

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John White

John White has been played on NTS in shows including Magicwire w/ Gabriola, featured first on 24 March 2017. Songs played include Mood For Love.

There are many artists that go by the name John White. Four are mentioned below.

1) John White (born in Berlin, 5 April 1936) is an English composer and musical performer.

2) Low-key delicate lullabies accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar with softly sung lyrics. New Zealander John White is ex-Cloudboy and also performs in Mëstar.

3) An obscure jazz/funk guitarist who released a self-titled album in 1972.

4.) Banjo Bluesman John White… When most people think banjo, bluegrass comes to mind.

Restricting the…

Mood For Love
John White
Geffen Records1987
Mood For Love
John WhiteGeffen Records1987