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Mary Watkins

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Mary Watkins

Mary Watkins has been played on NTS in shows including Sameed, featured first on 11 November 2013. Songs played include A Chording To The People.

An eclectic composer who works comfortably in both the classical and jazz traditions, Watkins draws no firm boundaries around any one style. Elements of blues, gospel, county/folk, and pop slip easily into her work, and her versatility as a composer, arranger, pianist, and producer is reflected in the pieces she has composed for symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, film, and the theater. Born in Denver, Watkins began her formal musical training when she was four, and by the age of eight…

A Chording To The People
Mary Watkins
Olivia Records1978
A Chording To The People
Mary WatkinsOlivia Records1978