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Davide Swarup

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Davide Swarup

Davide Swarup has been played on NTS in shows including Ancestral Voices, featured first on 26 March 2017. Songs played include And The Groove.

From his site:

" My name is Davide Bianchi aka Davide Swarup. I' m born in Italy, in Como on September 23rd 1974. Somehow music was always stimulating me as I grew up in a small town called Capena. At age of 15 I played bass guitar in an “Iron Maiden” cover band called Nefastum until the age of 20, more or less…

Then I experienced a shifting in my motivation to play music. I started to listen to different music genres (rock, blues, jazz, psychedelic,…

And The Groove
Davide Swarup
Samekh Records2007
And The Groove
Davide SwarupSamekh Records2007