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Osage Tribe

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Osage Tribe

Osage Tribe has been played on NTS shows including The NTS Guide to…, with Crazy Horse first played on 10 April 2020.

Osage Tribe were formed in 1971 by Franco Battiato, then working as pop singer, with his loyal drummer Cucciolo, guitarist Marco Zoccheddu who had just left Nuova Idea and bass guitarist Bob Callero. Battiato found a recording deal with the newly born Bla Bla label, but soon left the band, just singing on their first single Un falco nel cielo, before starting his solo career; the single is rather commercial and was also used for a popular TV quiz show at the time.


Crazy Horse
Osage Tribe
Exit Records, Ekipo1972
Crazy Horse
Osage TribeExit Records, Ekipo1972