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Sergio Fiorentino

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Sergio Fiorentino

Sergio Fiorentino has been played on NTS in shows including Post-Geography, featured first on 31 March 2017. Songs played include 6 Consolations.

Over the years, the last bastions of Romantic pianism have been departing, leaving a mere handful of players who, by training or temperament, provide links to late nineteenth century performance practice. The indestructable Earl Wild, of course, has clinched the pennant for the title of "The Last Romantic." A viable contender to the throne, however, has quietly emerged in the form of Italian pianist Sergio Fiorentino, whose recordings and concerts have caused a stir among piano buffs.

Born December 22, 1927…

6 Consolations
Sergio Fiorentino
Piano Classics2012
6 Consolations
Sergio FiorentinoPiano Classics2012