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Betty Blowtorch

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Betty Blowtorch

Betty Blowtorch has been played on NTS shows including Holliday Show w/ Skinny Girl Diet, with Shut Up And Fuck first played on 5 April 2017.

Betty Blowtorch was an all-female hard rock band which formed in 1998 in Hollywood, California, United States. The band consisted of Bianca Butthole (Bianca Halstead) (vocals, bass), Sharon Needles (guitar, vocals), Blare N. Bitch (guitar) and Judy Molish (drums). Aside from Molish, the band consisted of former members of Butt Trumpet. Former L7 bassist Jennifer Finch joined the band a few years after their formation. The band released two albums, "Get Off" (1999) and "Are You Man Enough?" (2001)…

Shut Up And Fuck
Betty Blowtorch
Foodchain Records2001
Shut Up And Fuck
Betty BlowtorchFoodchain Records2001